1. Classic Chilli Con Carne

    £ 9.95

    Chunky Chilli Con Carne served with Mexican Rice, Tortilla Chips with our home-made Avocado Yogurt

  2. Chimichanga

    £ 9.95

    Golden fried Tortilla lled with Mexican Rice, Cheese, Jalpeno, Beef Chilli or Spicy Chicken (Comes with Cilantro Onion Relish)

  3. Enchiladas

    £ 9.95

    Two rolled Tortilla baked in the oven, topped with our signature Tomato Sauce with Melted Smoked Applewood Cheese (Comes with Cilantro Onion Relish)

  4. Fajitas

    £ 12.95

    Grilled, sizzled & spiced chicken or beef, mixed peppers & onions – comes with warm tortilla, cheese & sauce

  5. Burrittos

    £ 9.95

    Tortilla bread wrapped & pressed, grilled with beef or chicken, refried beans and sour cream, cheese, jalapeno and mexican rice

  6. Guesadillas

    £ 10.95

    11″ folded mexican flat bread in half moon shape, generously filled with chicken or beef, diced onion, peppers and comes with sour cream guacamole, cheese … View Recipe

  7. Mexican Brocheta (Skewer)

    £ 10.95

    Grilled marinated chicken with peppers, onions, comes with chips or potato wedges